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Keep Track Of Your Evolution | Life Hack #2

I have a few self-reflection questions for you:

- Have you ever asked yourself: what was I doing a year ago? And you find yourself in the incapacity of answering that question.

- How do you track progress in your life?

- Do you even track it?

You know this good old habit on New Year when you commit yourself to changing a few things this year, such as: loosing weight, getting a new job, learning a language, being more positive, spending more time with your loved ones …they are all great but how do you keep yourself on track?

Apart from the fact that I strongly believe that we all need a "partner in crime" to keep us accountable (may it be a friend, life partner, coach, mentor…), I recently found a quick and easy way to track it over years.

This is a little book called “One Line A Day”. A five-year memory book. Every day you write a short paragraph about anything that is meaningful to you.

Each page covers 5 year- paragraph as you see on the picture.

Keep Track of your Evolution
One Line A Day

Like anything in life, it requires consistency and discipline.

But it’s so rewarding to observe your own progress. I am excited to read where I will be next year, compared to this year.

Despite the obstacles you may face on this life journey, as you look back, there is this feeling of pride that grows in you when you see that you were able to overcome them. Sometimes we tend to minimize our baby steps to happiness and the main reason is: we are not even aware of them.

Writing a few lines a day helps greatly to:

- Track progress. Rule of thumb: you want to have at least 10% of novelty in each domain of your life. I talked about the Life Wheel on a previous post and how to maintain a balance satisfaction levels across the board.

- Improve self-confidence in your ability to face life’s events.

- Celebrate little victories along the road.

- Realize that you are more resilient than you think.

- Release the emotions or fears or any blockages as you put them into words.

- Remember that most of your life is about happy moments, even though we tend to focus on the bad parts of it.

- And many more,

Ready, Set, Start writing your line a day and let’s see in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years where you are at!

Like, Share, Comment. Happy to read your Life Hack

Be Well, Be Happy, Be You!

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