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Sessions or consultations conducted virtually, telephonically, or in person, through Delphine Deflandre LLC (SET – Shift Evolve Thrive) or (or with any Delphine Deflandre, LLC member, owner, employee, or representative) may include an array of information relating to areas of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or financial wellbeing.

No information offered is intended, implied, or should be construed as a substitute or alternative for urgent, necessary, desired, or routine medical or professional advice, diagnosis, treatment, recommendation, or second opinion. WE DO NOT OFFER MEDICAL OR MENTAL HEALTH ADVICE, COURSE OF TREATMENT, DIAGNOSIS, OR ANY OTHER OPINION on your current or suspected conditions or future treatment options.

Delphine Deflandre, LLC does not knowingly accept appointments with individuals currently or suspectedly experiencing or demonstrating Mental illness, depression, or other psychiatric troubles or issues. Delphine Deflandre, LLC reserves the right to unilaterally cancel, stop, interrupt, or terminate any current, in progress, or future appointment(s) for any or no reason without explanation. Refunds will be processed within 48 hours.

All Delphine Deflandre, LLC website(s) and related content, images, media, graphics, charts, links, or resources that is contained or resultant of our services are to be deemed for educational and general information purposes only.

Consultee understands that Delphine Deflandre, LLC services are consultative in nature and that decisions made, and actions taken, based on input or insight from Delphine Deflandre, LLC are the complete responsibility of the Consultee. There are absolutely no guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied, as to results to be achieved, or as to the consequences of any actions taken or not taken by Consultee.

Additionally, all Consultees hereby agree:

  • Consultations do not create any form of client relationship or obligation (legal or otherwise) and no protection or privacy exists or is extended as such. (Please see Deontological ethics for other provisions).

  • By accepting services, Consultee understands that Delphine Deflandre (or any employee, owner, or member or representative of Delphine Deflandre, LLC) is neither a licensed counselor nor a licensed health practitioner (yet certified)/provider/physician, mental health professional, or legal representative and Consultees agree that they have not come to Delphine Deflandre, LLC for neither medical or mental health diagnosis and/or treatment, nor financial or legal advice, and have sought this service or consultation your own free will.

  • Consultations are designed to be a supplement or in addition to whatever treatment or advisement Consultee is currently receiving or may seek in the future. Nothing stated or inferred within a consultation can be regarded as a reason or justification to avoid standard and usual, or appropriate medical or psychological treatment or financial advisement.

  • When scheduling a session or consultation with Delphine Deflandre, LLC, Consultee is agreeing that any actions they take or decisions they make, based upon information they receive, or perceive or may infer, are ultimately a result of Consultee’s own due diligence and volition and any success or failure of any decision that is directly or indirectly related to the purchase and use of services, or consultations on this website, Consultee will fully accept responsibility and all liability and will hold Delphine Deflandre, LLC harmless.

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