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Have You Taken Your Daily Dose Of Happiness?

In France, we have a famous pharmacist and psychologist, Emile Coué (1857 – 1926) whose name became known thanks to his method: “la méthode Coué”. Or Couséism as in the couscious autosuggestion.

I remember when I was younger my parents would tell me when I would struggle to learn to do something: “use the Coué method”. They were referring to the action of repeating things over and over again until they become part of you. It was not necessarily an accurate use of it but you get the idea.

His famous general-purpose formula to his patients was:

“Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.”

This was to be repeated at least 20 times eyes closed, spoken monotonously in a whisper, as one relaxed before drifting off to sleep.

Many traditions across the globe have used this type of self-suggestion since centuries.

Nowadays this practice entered our daily lives under the action of repeating affirmations every day.

Daily Dose of Happiness

Since a young age, we have mastered the art of listening to the negative words we are told and believing in them. To the point that after hearing them so many times, we almost associate with them and we repeat phrases, (almost) unconsciously, like: “I am stupid, I forgot the keys in the house” or “I am too shy to ask for a raise” or “I have never been good at literature so I can’t learn a new foreign language”, until they become self-limiting beliefs.

So how about it is time to reverse this and start to counter act that dark force into a positive energy life force?

And because I am a big fan of auto pilot things, here is my little system to make sure I never miss a day:

1. I collect all kinds of affirmations that resonate with me

2. I gather them on a word document

3. I print them

4. I cut each affirmation

5. I put all the little papers in a box

6. I pick one affirmation every morning

You can find affirmations on websites, YouTube and many more places. Which makes it convenient when on the road: just pick anything you find online and that resonates with you and go to step 7 right away.

Repeating this healthy habit every morning will keep you on track to remind yourself how well worthy you are in this world. No matter what people have said or still say around you.

Be Well, Be Happy, Be You.

Like, Share, Comment. Happy to learn about your Life Hacks.


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