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We are ONE. Connect with your Intuition

Have you noticed recently how many times you think about something or someone and the next thing you know, that thing happens or that person shows up in your life, within hours! It used to be days or months…it’s hours, even minutes now.

Watch your inner chatting, your gut feeling: it’s giving you information. But how do you know if this is relevant or not?

Journal on your intuition

I started a little journal about it to monitor this. Here is how it works:

On a paper book, or your phone, whatever is the most convenient for you, write down all the “inner voice” type of thoughts, as little as they can be. At night or later on, go back to it and see how many things that your inner voice told you, that turned out to happen. It will help you gauge your inner voice, your intuition. The more you connect to yourself, the more you work with it and get to know this voice, the more you’ll trust it and the more it will serve you, guide you through life.

For example, even though I am fairly trained in listening to myself, yesterday morning I was getting ready for a day trip and my little voice said: “GPS the road”. I discarded it, saying: “well, it’s Sunday: no traffic today”. Well well well, I should have: it took us an hour just to leave the city as the freeway was closed so we were stuck in traffic that we could have avoided if I had listened to the little voice.

Same day, as I was doing my energy routine, I was asking for extra guidance as for what is best for me to share with you all. This is not inner voice here, but more about being more conscious about what life brings you and be able to listen to it. Within the same day, I randomly met two women that completely confirmed, unintentionally, my choice to empower people in their everyday life on the mental, physical and spiritual levels.

Another one: a friend that I have not heard from since about 6 months came to my mind yesterday as well…guess who sent me a message today about how he just heard a song we both like and thought he’d send a message? Yes. That friend who came to my mind just a few hours before.

Synchronicities, intuition, gut feelings, name it the way you want: it’s all coming from the Source: us as Divine Beings (nothing to do with religion here). We are ONE. We are all inter connected. Though we are unique and we are all at a different level of reception of this connection with each other. Working on it on an everyday basis, like keeping this type of journal to bring it to consciousness, to know yourself better, to trust your intuition can help the world greatly, I think.

Being aware that we are all inter related can change our interactions toward ourselves and others. Therefore the relationship dynamic on a world level.

Let me know what you think!

Talk to you soon! Until then:

Be Well, Be Happy, Be You


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