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DEBX Conference in Phoenix | 10 minutes

Follow your dreams, they know the Joy

Daily Energy Routine by Donna Eden | 5 minutes

It’s great to:

Ground yourself | Boost energy, vitality and metabolism | Strengthen the immune system | Harmonize the energies | Improve coordination between left part and right part of the body | Increase the clarity of the mind | Extend the field of the aura | Soothe mental congestion and headaches | Sharpen the memory | Refocus the nervous system | Reduce dyslexia | Focusing thoughts | Open the crown chakra for more inspirations in all areas of life | Lubricate the joints | Manifest the desires from the Heart | Reduce insomnia | Balancing the yin and yang energies | Increase Self-Confidence | Reduce vulnerability | Reinforce positive affirmations | Staying stable regardless of the events in life | Reconnect the upper and lower body |

Taking 5 to 8 minutes every day to do this routine can be your best time investment to keep your energies “humming”. The ultimate effect is to reestablish positive “energy habits”.

Interview by Katell, for Be Evolution

| 29 minutes (activate the subtitles)


How and Why I chose to be of service.

How I guide my clients on their journey.

This is my "comfort food", my "go to" when I need a "treat".

Best Chai in the world (and I tested a lot of them!).

It's a meditative experience to prepare it and sip it.


More videos here

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