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Connect With Nature | Happy Life Hacks #1

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

Mother Nature

I know, it’s very cliché but oh so needful on many aspects of our lives.

One of my friend in France often sends me videos she takes during her morning walks in nature. She is lucky to live next to a river with accessible shorelines. It all started because where I live there isn’t a lot of green not water, so she wanted to help me coping with my “green lush” lack.

I realized, after a while, that every time she’d post one of her videos, it makes her even more inspiring. It’s like Nature takes possession of her heart and she becomes this magical love word “box”. Not that she is not a person full of Love on a regular basis, but it shows even more, it comes so naturally, it feels so good, genuine. To the point that I almost feel like I am there, with her and receiving a straight load of Love.

And because I really miss green and nature lush, I talk about it to a few people back home, including my coach, who once told me: use the power of your imagination! Ah! I guide people in their meditation, I practice hypnosis with my clients, I help them visualize things to reach their goals throughout our coaching sessions, and I never use it for myself. I guess the “shoemaker's son always goes barefoot”.

Aaaah the power of having someone to remind you of things like that. Back to nature here.

Connecting with nature first thing in the morning will help you with:

- Grounding yourself. I will probably make a full post on it but, among other benefits, being grounded keeps you focused, stable, strong, quiet, safe and powerful.

- Building your resilience. Nature is our #1 example of resilience: connecting with it triggers awareness of your endless possibilities of creation and evolution.

- Growing your unlimited power of unconditional Self-Love and Love for others. Which in turn will help you handle life’s events with a much better attitude.

Doing so first thing in the morning will set your mind to something truly positive and set the tone of the day on a nice note. Doing it after a long day can also be beneficial to release all the tensions and helps to come back to your personal life with a fresh mind.

Here are a few options:

- If you have a garden: open your window and listen to nature waking up, look at the sun rising, smell the freshness of morning dew, feel the crisp air on your cheeks, and taste this particular odor that mornings have.

- If you don’t have a piece of land: organize yourself so you can take a short walk in nature, in a park, anywhere around you.

- If you live in a city with no possibility to walk around or connect with nature that nourishes you: use your inner power of imagination. Neurosciences proved it: “We have the ability to build our own files, even when the actual real-world experience is lacking”.

I would say one of the entry door to it is to use your 5 senses: taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound.

- If imagination is not your forte, there are free smartphone apps with sounds and images of nature that you can listen to.

We have a lot to learn from Mother Nature: reconnecting with her on a daily basis empowers us to (re)invent a happy life for ourselves.

Like, Share, Comment. Happy to read your Life Hack.

Be Well, Be Happy, Be You!

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