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Strengthen Your Energy and Immune System in 5 Minutes!

A.R.E | Virginia beach
August 20TH 2022 | 11 AM| meditation room

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Join me (and invite your friends and family) at the A.R.E August 20th at 11am in the meditation room where I'll teach you an easy (it takes 5 minutes a day), and efficient way to strengthen your energy and immune system.

It's a FREE event!

It will be an interactive 30-minute lecture where you will learn and experiment a fundamental tool to clear, restore, and balance the energies of your body.
You will be able to share it with anyone around you. This can be done standing, sitting and even in your bed!

This tool also helps you to (but not limited to):
Ground yourself
Boost energy, vitality and metabolism
Strengthen the immune system
Increase the clarity of the mind
Improve sleep quality
Increase Self-Confidence
Connect with your inner wisdom

"I am really happy to have participated in this workshop led by Delphine. Firstly, by its very practical side. What is taught can be used immediately on a daily basis to increase serenity and well-being. The booklet provided is very detailed. This allows to be fully present during the workshop and to benefit 100% of the teaching and the good atmosphere. It also proves the seriousness of everything that is covered.

Everything is taught in joy, simplicity, authenticity and at the same time a great mastery of the subject.

This simplicity to address different facets of the energetic and their links with everyday life has also allowed me to have much more confidence in my feelings and in my energy practice that I already had in other areas. I can open up a lot more to what I really am. Thank you Delphine!!

I recommend this internship to all those wishing to get to know oneself better, take care of them on a daily basis, find natural and effective solutions to manage their emotions, to evolve on self-awareness." - Carine


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