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Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Central Library | Virginia beach
November 12th 2022 | 1-2:30pm

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Relieve Stress and Anxiety 90 - minute Workshop


If you or a loved one experience one or more of these:
- Chronic pain
- Chronic fatigue
- Depression / Anxiety
- Weight challenges
- Sleep difficulties
- GI tract challenges


Come & join us to experiment & learn some easy & effective tools to use on a daily basis in both your personal & professional life to relieve your stress & anxiety…and improve your health!


Bonus: Every present participant will enter in a drawing to win a 90-minute body massage (value: 90$)


Space is limited: click on the link to save your spot :


You will learn how to:
- Be more autonomous with your overall health
- Restore Inner Peace
- Better manage stressful situations and your anxiety
- Tone/ regulate your Vagus Nerve (for a better health and more)
- Better manage the flight fight freeze response (and regain control over your life)
- Come out of overwhelm so you can clearly see what needs to be done
- Release emotions that don’t serve you anymore, such as anger or frustration
- And more (yes it also involves breathing techniques as well)!


All the tools you'll learn and experience are free (there is nothing additional to purchase).

You will be able to immediately use them on yourself and teach /share them with your family, your friends and even your colleagues.

A detailed hand out will be sent digitally after the workshop.


Can't attend in-person? I'll start online workshops in 2023: stay tuned!

Testimonial Jessyca Google.JPG

"I am really happy to have participated in this workshop led by Delphine. Firstly, by its very practical side. What is taught can be used immediately on a daily basis to increase serenity and well-being. The booklet provided is very detailed. This allows to be fully present during the workshop and to benefit 100% of the teaching and the good atmosphere. It also proves the seriousness of everything that is covered.

Everything is taught in joy, simplicity, authenticity and at the same time a great mastery of the subject.

This simplicity to address different facets of the energetic and their links with everyday life has also allowed me to have much more confidence in my feelings and in my energy practice that I already had in other areas. I can open up a lot more to what I really am. Thank you Delphine!!

I recommend this workshop to all those wishing to get to know oneself better, take care of them on a daily basis, find natural and effective solutions to manage their emotions, to evolve on self-awareness." - Carine


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