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How to calm your nervous system and boost your immune system with a simple and fast movement !

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

This article refers to the balancing exercise of triple warmer and spleen, which I practice every day. It aims to calm the triple warmer (nervous system), and boost the spleen (immune system). Here are some explanations on this duo, the basis of our health balance.

In a previous article on energy medicine, I'm talking about the nine energy systems we're working on in this practice, including the triple warmer (otherwise called triple heater), which by itself is an energy system, in addition to being a meridian.

His identity card:

The triple Warmer (TW) is the general of our army. It governs our sympathetic autonomic nervous system: the survival reaction "fight or flight".

When we experience a change of life, environment, situation, even an energetic session, osteopathy, being accompanied by a coach, therapist or anyone else, a change of team, of work ... in short ... everything which revolves around the themes "novelty , change, exit from comfort zone, decision making ... "is governed by the TW which treats all of this as threats to internal balance.

In our modern society, it is overactive because the stress triggers are more and more numerous and subtle, everything is in perpetual motion: information, emails that arrive any time of day and night, the acceleration of time ("24h in a day never seems to be enough to complete everything "), the projects to be rendered faster and faster, the general instability, ...

A large majority of us live (usually unconsciously) with an overheating TW. And below is what it implies.

When activated, its mode of operation is based on the requisitioning of all the body's energy to "ensure survival". And the results are: general fatigue, emotional instability, chronic pain, difficulty adapting to change, resistance to treatment (medical or other) and many other challenges.

Indeed, by mobilizing all the energy, we are gradually exhausted, with a weakened immune system and an over-reactive nervous system 24/7.

On the meridian wheel, "against the tide" of triple warmer, we find the spleen/pancreas couple.

Spleen/pancreas is our nurturing mother, it actively participates in the good health of our immune system. It is responsible for metabolizing everything we “ingest”: food, events, chemical elements (including even passive smoke), radiation, but also emotions and psychological stressors. If the spleen/pancreas is weak, we do not metabolize much and our well-being is questioned.

The immune system is largely governed by spleen/pancreas (SP) and triple warmer (TW), with complementary roles. For the majority of us, the TW massively takes the energy of the SP in priority to function (since it is a partnership “against tide” on the meridians wheel as explained earlier).

When the TW acts thus, the immune system weakens, it becomes dominant and autoimmune syndromes, chronic diseases, allergies or asthma appear (reactions to the threat). The weakening of the spleen causes problems with metabolism, chemical and hormonal balance (eg thyroid, weight ...).

Since a century, diseases related to the imbalance of TW and the SP have multiplied, including cancer and multiple sclerosis.

Our endocrine system (our hormones) is also related to the balance of this triple warmer and spleen/pancreas couple. Another great reason to do this exercise and the DER (daily Energy Routine).

And as everything is about balance in life, it is a question of making sure to adjust this imbalance regularly to achieve a homeostasis of this duo.

For this, there are several exercises to do regularly that I teach in my Energy and Health workshop, including an exercise that I practice every day, explained in video here.

Last thing: this is similar to learning to play a musical instrument: the key is to practice, practice, practice ....

You have questions? Contact me and I would be happy to share other tips for achieving a healthy and sustainable inner balance!

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See you soon!

Until then, Be well, Be happy, Be you.


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