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Welcome! Bienvenue - this is the start of a Joyful Life

Welcome! Bienvenue - this is the start of a Joyful Life

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Some life events or roadblocks

that made her clients

choose to work with her:​

- Major life change (career shift, divorce, loss,...).

- Feeling lost, stuck, or like they don't belong to this society/planet.

- Desire in finding their life purpose and meaning.

- Challenging personal issue.

- Feeling misunderstood & a bit different.

- Longing to connect and work in partnership with their higher-self.

- Feeling : "I have it all, yet I am not happy, joyful and fulfilled, what's wrong with me!"

Good news: There is nothing wrong with you!

Delphine 2024.png

Embark on the journey

towards your

sovereign self

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Delphine is a holistic practitioner with a big heart, who will guide you on the path of your soul, in the rediscovery of your sacred skills.


Her knowledge, experience, clairvoyance and the various professional tools she has developed over the course of her life and soul journey will enable you to move forward with serenity on your Sacred path.


"I am committed to guiding you, supporting you, putting you in control of your life, putting you into action, empowering you with tools for lasting change and results, and reclaiming your autonomy over your well-being." - Delphine


Holistic Coach and Mentor

Supporting and guiding through the rediscovery of the Sacred Self

Teacher & Speaker

You and I

life is a journey

Born and raised in France. She left at 28 to live in the UAE for a few years, and moved to the USA in 2013.


After 15 years in the Fortune 500 corporate world, and a profound "wake up call" (her conference is available here), she found her true passion: guiding people on their journey towards their "true Self".


She was professionally trained and certified in Applied Neurosciences Coaching, Eden Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Access Bars®, Health and Wellness Coaching, and Energy, Sound & Spiritual Healing.


Throughout this training and own self-discovery path (she definitely walked her talk !), she collected and developed atypical & powerful tools to not only help her clients, but also herself.

"Life becomes a thriving playground once we shift and evolve into our sovereignty." - Delphine

Following Delphine’s invitation to “Embark on the journey towards your sovereign self” is the start of a holistic journey to (re)connect with yourself (your body, mind & higher self) to establish a healthier, happier & more fulfilling relationship with yourself, and others.

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