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Welcome! Bienvenue - this is the start of a Joyful Life

Welcome! Bienvenue - this is the start of a Joyful Life

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Some reasons why clients

have chosen to work with me:

- Major life change (career shift, divorce, loss,...).

- Feeling lost, stuck, or like they don't belong to this society/planet.

- Desire in finding their life purpose and meaning.

- Challenging personal issue.

- Feeling misunderstood & a bit different.

- Longing to connect and work in partnership with their higher-self.

- Feeling : "I have it all, yet I am not happy, joyful and fulfilled, what's wrong with me!"

Good news: There is nothing wrong with you!

 Delphine Deflandre Certified Health, Wellness and Life Coach

Embark on the journey

towards your

sovereign self


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to access

all the free resources

(quiz, app ...)


💡❓💡 In your daily life, what do you feel you give your power the most to?

A/ Your soul, your higher self, your heart, which help you creating a fulfilling, serene and meaningful life.

B/ Your wounds, your low level of overall energy, your fears, your self-sabotage patterns, your doubts, your low self-esteem related behaviors, or even your limiting beliefs...., which make you feel like imprisoned from within, with a feeling of constant misalignment and sometimes even sadness or frustration to never be able to “get it together”. 😩

🙋🏻‍♀️I bet, most of the time, option B, right?!

Why? Humane nature!
🎉 Good news #1: you are not alone!
🎉 Good news # 2: there are many ways to get more of A’s in your life, on a daily basis.

💡❓💡I have a few questions for you if you’d like more A’s in your life:
-    What’s your plan to get there?
-    Who will keep you accountable?
-    Who will push you outside of your comfort zone?

-    Who will guide and support you on this path?

🆓 If you don’t know where to start, let’s hop on a free discovery call together to get this discussion started! Click here to book a call with me📲


Click Here to

Book your Complimentary

Discovery Call

You and I

life is a journey

1. The Start of a journey

Hi, my name is Delphine Deflandre.

In 2011, I leave my beautiful country of birth (France) where I spent a large and beautiful part of my life, to live in the United Arab Emirates and the United States, to pursue my professional and personal life.

2. Wake-up Call

After 15 years of professional experience in different industries moving from job to job without much passion (marketing, logistics, HR, finance...), I found and followed my path, what makes me vibrant, by reconnecting to my essence (my "true self") in 2017.

3. Being in service of something bigger than myself

Since then, I have been guiding people all over the world in French and English, via a customized coaching program of 3 to 12 sessions of one hour each during which the trio Mind, Body, Spirit is stimulated to gently and effectively bring about the desired change.

4. Putting it into practice

Having traveled this path of self-reconnection and transformation myself, I combine this experience with a combination of tools for which I have trained, such as neuroscience-based life & entrepreneur coaching, Eden energy medicine, energy psychology (EFT), Access Bars®, health & wellness coaching, and energy, sound & spiritual healing, all with a background of intuitive guidance.

5. Sharing

I regularly organize workshops and online classes (Sign up to the newsletter to receive the monhtly updates:​). And for those who wish to walk this path independently while having a regular follow-up, download the app, with a customized "Inner journey", to (re)discover the joy of living, vitality, meaning of life, power over one's life: all at one's own pace.


Let's begin your journey together!

Life becomes a thriving playground once

we shift and evolve into our sovereignty.

Following Delphine’s invitation to “Embark on the journey towards your sovereign self” is the start of a holistic journey to (re)connect with yourself (your body, mind & higher self) to establish a healthier, happier & more fulfilling relationship with yourself, and others.

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