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Soulager le stress et l'anxiété

SONT | Plage de Virginie
31 juillet 2022 | 13h-15h | salle de méditation

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What this Mini retreat Offers

This bonding time offers you a safe and creative environment to enhance the connection and the communication with your partner, and invigorate your relationship.


This mini retreat is hosted and led by a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Health, Wellness and Life Coach & Mentor.

This transformative experience is designed to bring you and your partner closer together by:

  • Restoring balance to your relationship

  • Being able to help each other to destress

  • Connecting with you and your partner's energy

  • A better understanding of each other's fundamental nature

  • Growing more tolerance and fondness for the other's differences and transforming them into strenghts

  • Becoming an even better team

  • Connecting with you and your partner's soul

  • Identifying and anticipating you and your partner's needs to bring comfort and harmony back

  • Communicating and connecting on an even more profound and emotionnally efficient level

  • Deepening every aspect of your love life

  • Feeling understood, heard, acknowledged, and fulfilled within your relationship


Throughout the weekend, you and your partner will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of massage, including various techniques and strokes

  • Practice giving and receiving massages in a supportive and comfortable environment

  • Discover and practice easy, useful & efficient communication tools and exercises that create compassion, new awareness and understanding of each other

  • Enjoy and practice rituals that help you to restore that wonderful 'in-love' feeling

  • Experience mindfulness exercises to be more present in your relationship

This mini retreat also offers :


  • A complete printed workbook with all the tools you will learn to keep the momentum created during the retreat going

  • A creative, safe environment where everybody's ideas are valued

  • The opportunity to meet new like-minded couples

  • A follow-up online session with Allen & Delphine, to answer all the questions you will have after the retreat

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